Toy Sniper Rifle

A Toy sniper rifle is modeled on the size and design of actual sniper rifles. Their color and shape also look similar to real ones. The guns are generally made of plastic and can be colored green and yellow – similar to real army guns. The tips of these guns often have a red reflective plastic and on either side there is also a small panel. The best part of these guns is undoubtedly the fact that they produce a cool firing sound when the trigger is pulled. Your children can use this type of rifle to complete their SWAT team costume. Young kids are generally fascinated by these guns and toy sniper rifles have a huge market in the toy industry. These can give stiff competition to airsoft guns in some way. These are not only used by children, but also many gun enthusiasts who want to experience the pleasure of shooting and those who want to improve their aim with a realistic gun. Read and know about some amazing toy sniper rifles to be found in the market.

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Toy Sniper Rifle Review

Army Force AF-MC0015

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This toy sniper rifle is a scale replica of the famous Dragunov SVD sniper rifle, which has appeared in many films. It is made from a mixture of plastic and metal, and I was very impressed by the build quality. Weighing in at 150g, it is easy for kids to carry around and shoot their friends with!

This is a great toy sniper rifle that gets good reviews from our review team.


DE Airsoft AK47 Fully Automatic Electric AEG

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This full size AK47 assault rifle is 32″ in length. It is light in weight and looks realistic in looks. When trigger is pressed, it vibrates and makes blasting sounds. The rifle comes with removable stock, removable magazine, light up scope and shoulder strap. The unit runs on high quality 3 AA batteries, which are not included in the package. When the trigger is pulled, the strong and realistic action can be felt.

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Sniper Rifle w/Sling & Scope Rubber Band Gun

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This is an excellent unit which has been manufactured completely in the USA. It is ideal training equipment for new as well as experienced gun lovers. Users should wear protective glasses or eye gear while using the gun. It is for non-lethal shooting purposes and comes with rubber band ammunition that allows a safe and fun shooting experience. The gun comes with scope and sling and is recommended for users of 14 years of age and higher.

This is a pretty cool toy sniper rifle which any kid will love.


38″(96cm) Sniper Rifle Machine Gun Toy with Revolving Bullets, Lights and Sounds

This full size camouflage sniper rifle toy gun is 38″ long when assembled fully and is made of lightweight but sturdy plastic. It comes with folding tripod, revolving bullets, and vibration. It can fire realistic sounds and flash lights. It comes with a revolving bullet magazine and is powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included with the package. It is ideal for kids aged 8 years and over. The vibrating action can be felt when the trigger is pulled.

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