Ruger Air Magnum .22 Review

In the event that you are trying to look for an air rifle with one of the best downrange hitting power, muzzle energy and velocity in the market, the Ruger Air Magnum .22 is one unit that you cannot ignore, so we have completed a Ruger Air Magnum .22 Review. The Ruger can be used for a variety of purposes such as pest removal aswell as hunting. This is a very well designed gun. This really makes it just too good not to go ahead and purchase. But make sure you read our Ruger Air Magnum .22 Review to know about the gun in detail and what makes this rifle the perfect choice for your shooting expeditions.

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Ruger Air Magnum .22 Review

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Read our Ruger Air Magnum .22 Review before you purchase this air rifle.

Excellent Construction and Finish

The Ruger Air Magnum .22 comes with an all weather synthetic stock and is undoubtedly a very powerful .22 caliber air rifle. As compared to some of the best high-end air rifles in the market, this all weather rifle might not have a premium appearance. However, its construction makes it perfect to bear the harsh effects of any weather condition. The rifle comes equipped with a stunning synthetic sock which can last for a number of years. Its rear and front adjustable fiber optic sights are perfect for the use of open-sight shooters.

Powerful Scope and Velocity

The Ruger Air Magnum .22 boasts of a 4X scope and adjustable fiber optic sights which are mounted on the barrel. It has a fixed power 4×32 scope and an all weather stock which offers excellent comfort. However, the rifle is made more special due to its capability to shoot .22 pellet at velocities of 1200 fps. The rifle excels with its excellent power factor and helps shooters to aim at their targets with greater accuracy. It is able to deliver flat shooting trajectory and can shoot pellets at extended ranges, over long distance.

Amazing Features

The Ruger Air Magnum .22 boasts of a steel blued barrel and receiver. Its dial adjustable fiber optic rear sight makes sighting adjustments easier for shooters. The fixed fiber optic front sight helps you to pick targets up fast when sighting. Its muzzle protector has the front sight assembly integrated into it. Hunting varmints and small game is easier with this rifle, which is easy to hold and quite comfortable to use.
The superior build quality and the excellent features are the main reasons why the Ruger Air Magnum Combo should be considered a necessary purchase.