Realistic Toy Guns

So are you looking for realistic toy guns – well you you’ve come to the right place. Read our reviews below for the best units that we recommend you should buy. Each toy gun has different features, so identify what your kid likes, then pick one of these fantastic toy guns!

Realistic Toy Guns

32″ AK47 SWAT Team Assault Rifle Machine Gun Toy with Light Scope & Shooting Sounds

This full size 32″ AK47 assault rifle vibrates and makes blasting sounds when it is fired. It is light in weight and looks realistic. It runs on 3 AA batteries (which are not included). Its package comprises of a removable stock, shoulder strap, removable magazine and a light up scope. It is 32 inches in length. The rifle is perfect for kids aged 8 and higher.

This is one of the most realistic toy guns we have reviewed.

Rhode Island Novelty 26″ Combat Mission Gun

The machine gun makes real gunshot sounds and has a spin-action. There are vibrating LED flash lights as well as a removable tactical stock. The unit is powered by 4AA batteries which are included with the package. The colorful display box consists of all the pieces. It can offer many hours of shooting pleasure, whether in the day or the night. The power is felt when the trigger is squeezed and the gun produces a dazzling show of color with amazingly realistic sound.

This is another nice realistic toy gun from our review.

Toy Cap Gun: Super Cap Police Style 45 Pistol (Black Plastic)

This semi auto super cap gun is 7 inches in length and has a black plastic finish. It can shoot 8 shot ring caps and comprises of a push button release which can open the chamber in order to load the caps fast. This pistol with a plastic black finish should not be used to fire caps closer than 30 CM to the body and ear. Caps should not be fired indoors and only need to be used under the supervision of adults. Each cap has less than 0.20 g power. Kids should not carry the caps loose in the pocket.

This is one of our favorite realistic toy guns so we hope you like it too!

AUG Toy Gun 31 Inches Long With Sounds, Vibrations, and lights

The gun makes electronic gun sound when fired. It is 31 inches in length and has a folding handle and removable silencer. When fired, it can light up. It produces light and sounds similar to a real machine gun and gives an authentic feel. It has a folding front handle and a removable scope.
You can choose any of these toy guns for your kid to offer him an amazingly realistic shooting experience and the pleasure of firing rounds like adults.

Another realistic toy gun we recommend is this AUG model.

Realistic toy guns refer to guns that are modeled after actual firearms in design and shape but are much less powerful. These are safe to use for some fun shooting. Although there is great difference between toy guns and real guns, the former allows a dash of authenticity to fun shooting events. With the rise of reality TV shows, movies and video games, many kids know the difference between real and toy guns. Even kids demand verisimilitude when it comes to using make-believe guns. Real looking toy guns have their fair share of advantages and they allow an immersive experience to children when playing.