Nerf Rival Review – What is the Best Nerf Rival Blaster?

Choosing the best Nerf Rival blaster gun can be rather difficult. Nerf guns are one of the most attractive non-lethal toy weapons, and there has been a lot of chat recently about the new Nerf Rival guns that have been released. So have read of our very own Nerf Rival review as we examine two products which are included in the range, namely the:

  • Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 (Blue)
  • Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster (Red)

Nerf Rival Review – What is the Best Nerf Rival Blaster?

Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 (Blue)

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Read our review of the Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700

This blaster from the Nerf Rival range is a spring-action gun and comes with seven high-impact rounds which can easily be loaded into the magazine. The gun is available both in red and blue, so if you are looking to buy a pair of guns, make sure you choose one of each color.

Our review team love this Nerf gun – mainly due to its powerful performance and robust build quality. It is important to note that at close range, the bullets from the XV-700 can leave welts on surfaces – which explain why the gun is being sold with the term “High Impact”. Therefore, caution may be required if you are buying a Nerf Gun for younger children. If this is the case, then we’d recommend taking a look at the Nerf Modulus range. Given that the rounds are pitted, they do not roll away easily when you are reloading the magazine. The Nerf Rival XV-700 can shoot up to 100 feet in range in an indoor environment without wind, although some customers have reported that the actual experience of the range has been better for them. This is further than many Nerf Sniper Rifles can fire.

It is important to note that a few users of the Nerf Rival XV-700 have reported that the blaster can jam at times and has to be disassembled in order to remove the round stuck within.

Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster (Red)

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We have reviewed the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster (Red)

This Nerf gun can fire rounds at up to 100 foot per second. There are 12 high-impact rounds offered with this gun, and the blaster draws power from 6 C batteries (which are not included in the package). The magazine can easily be loaded and it is ambidextrous in form, to make it usable for both left and right handed shooters. The presence of a jam clearing door ensures that even jammed rounds can easily be removed from within. As the ball rounds are yellow in color, they can easily be spotted.

Our review team commented positively on the Nerf Rival  MXV-1200 blaster for its accuracy and range, and remarked that it is better than most others in its range. Compared to standard Nerf darts, the yellow balls can be loaded into the tube-shaped magazines much faster. You can reload with any hand after popping the magazine out. You can hold the acceleration button down to fire the entire clip fast at our target, and reload again for another bout. The majority of buyers have commented that the gun beats many similar Nerf guns in its price range in terms of accuracy and range.

On the negative side, some buyers have reported that they found it quite heavy to carry after a prolonged period of usage. A few have also remarked that the blaster produces a little too much noise while firing the rounds.