Nerf Modulus Review – Should I Choose the Blaster or the Tri-Strike?

Nerf is one of the most popular brands when it comes to the manufacturing of toy guns for kids, teens and adults alike. These blaster guns are able to fire discs, foam darts and even foam balls in some cases. There has been a lot of interest raised in the new Nerf Modulus, so we thought we’d review what we thought were the three best Nerf Modulus guns currently on the market at the moment.

Nerf Modulus Review

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

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Is this the best Nerf Modulus gun? Read our review to help you decide.

This is a flexible Nerf blaster which is able to be configured in over 30 different combinations. The package comes with

  • 10 darts
  • Banana clip
  • Storage stock
  • Dual-rail barrel
  • Drop grip
  • Targeting scope

The Nerf N-Strike can shoot at a velocity of 72 feet per second and up to a distance of 90 feet. With regards to powering the gun, all you need is 4 “AA” batteries.

Customers seem to love the look of the gun, and I agree, it looks fantastic! It is especially good for kids as they can modify the blaster the way they’d like it to look.  The pull on the first trigger can emanate motor sounds, while a pull on the second trigger is able to discharge semi-automatic rounds.

Nerf Modulus Motorized Blaster (No accessories)

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This motorized blaster can shoot dart up to a distance of 27 meters or 90 feet. The package comprises of the gun itself along with the instruction manual. Ammo clip, Nerf darts and accessories are sold separately.

Our review team were quite impressed by the robust look and build of the Motorized Blaster. Like the ECS-10 blaster reviewed above, the Nerf Modulus Motorized Blaster can be configured in many different setups, allowing the user to customize the look of their blaster. This blaster certainly packs a mean punch and stands as one of the best Nerf Modulus guns for sale at the moment in our opinion.

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike

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This Nerf blaster is a little different compared to other Nerf rifle products because of the fact it can be shot in three different ways. The package consists of:

  • 2 bolt pieces
  • Missile
  • 4 MEGA darts,
  • 10-dart clip
  • 10 Elite Nerf Darts
  • Missile Launcher Stock
  • Instruction manual
  • MEGA Dart Barrel Extension

The best thing about this product, other than its 3-way shooting capability, is possibly the fact that we found that the gun doesn’t jam even once, even after prolonged testing.

The Mega Barrel Extension is a nice added feature. The greater range of the barrel makes firing Mega darts very powerful and I was pleasantly suprised by the power generated. We found that you can fire 10 Elite darts in a single row with the use of rapid-sliding-bolt-action.

The Nerf Modulus products are certainly an interesting range and improve greatly on some of the Nerf products that have been released previously. If you have your own view on the new Nerf Modulus guns, then please let us know, so we can add your experience to the review.