Nerf Darts Guide – What are the Best Nerf Dart Bullets?

Trying to choose the best nerf darts can be rather difficult. Nerf darts and bullets often have to be replaced, since they can become easily lost or damaged. All nerf darts are designed to be safe, so as not to hurt anyone. It is vitally important that you check the compatibility of your gun with the nerf dart product you are looking to buy. Most nerf bullets are able to travel a great distance when shot, with the vast majority making whizzing or whistling sounds when discharged from the Nerf Gun. Read our review below as we examine what we think are the best nerf darts currently available for sale.

What are the Best Nerf Darts?

Nerf N-Strike Elite Compatible Darts / Bullets – Set of 100 – Closest to Nerf Brand – Fits ALL Nerf Guns Except Mega

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Are these the best nerf darts? Read our review

These Nerf Darts come from BattleFX, and can work with any type of Nerf gun – except the Mega. These Nerf bullets are compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator and Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage guns. When we tested these darts, we were impressed by the speed at which they travelled.

The darts have to pass a quality control process before being sold, so these darts are well made. These darts are better quality as compared to standard generic foam darts that you may purchase on the high street. With 100 of these darts, you’ll not need to restock for quite a while!


Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Dart Refill Playset (20-Pack)

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Are these the best Nerf bullets? Read our review

These darts are officially branded Nerf darts, and so you will be certain of getting a quality, well made dart. These darts are slightly bigger in size that normal Nerf bullets and are compatible with N-Strike Mega Series blasters. The darts reviewed above are not Mega Series compatible. The package consists of 10 Mega Deco Darts and 10 Mega Darts.


Alwayswish 100pcs 10 Different Color 7.2cm Refill Bullet Darts for Nerf N-strike Elite Series

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With 10 different colors of nerf darts , this is a great product if you want variety.

These darts are available in different colors, namely:

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Light Green
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Grey
  • Orange

These particular Nerf Darts are from the brand GFU, and are made to have a round soft head with a soft spongy body. We found that these bullets are compatible with the majority of original N-Strike blasters and any N-Strike Elite blaster.

Customers love the fact that these darts come in 10 varied colors and can be shot up to a distance of 75 feet, without the need for any modifications. All the darts are made out of safe materials, and are tested for durability and quality.

If you have any views on what the best nerf bullets are, then please let us know, as we are more than happy to add other products to help people decide what darts to buy. Make sure you check out our reviews of the latest Nerf Sniper Rifles.