Green Gas Airsoft Guide – What is the Best Green Gas?

Many airsoft guns powered by gas make use of green gas as a propellant to fire BBs and pellets. Unlike electric or spring powered airsoft guns, these use green gas as an alternative power source, and are sometimes known as Green Gas Airsoft guns. As compared to spring powered variations, these types of guns are semi automatic and automatic and are able to fire more than one BBs at one time without the need of reloading or cocking. These are usually easier and faster to reload as compared to Airsoft guns powered by CO2, and are ideal for Airsoft battles. These days, most gas powered Airsoft units run on green gas power. You should grab some additional green gas canisters with your Airsoft gun if you intend to embark on a hunting or shooting trip. Read and know about some of the best green gas Airsoft units in our view that you may choose from.

Green Gas Airsoft

2 x UHC Bestek Power Green Gas HFC-22 G-1000

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The package consists of two cans of UHC G-1000 PowerGreen Gas and it comes with additional silicon oil lubricant. This Green Gas Airsoft product is made in the USA. You will be able to fill your gas powered Airsoft gun more efficiently and easily with the extra long nozzle tip of the canister. All that you need to do is open the mouth of the can and pour!

Green gas for airsoft is difficult to buy - check out our review.

Green Gas (x2) Dual Pack 1000 mL

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The package comprises of two large cans of 1000 ml green gas. These are authentic green gas units and will not end up damaging your gun. Other than Airsoft gas guns, you can also use these on any blowback, non blowback, Western arms, Tokyo Marui, KJW, KSC, KWA, UHC and HFC guns. Virtually any gun that runs on gas power can run with green gas from these canisters. The safety of the gas has been approved by EPA. It also comprises of silicon in order to help you to lubricate your Airsoft pistol or gun.

This is probably the best Green gas for airsoft guns we have reviewed.

KWA Airsoft Green Gas 8oz Can

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This KWA Airsoft 8oz Green Gas Refill Canister can refill your gas pistol as well as submachine guns and rifles. The green gas from this can is compatible with any gas powered gun from Airsoft that you may use. There is silicone oil that enhances the green gas and maximizes its performance. It has been made by KWA, which is quite reputed in the industry for green gas cans which are safe to use and offer high power and performance for guns that run on gas power.
The above gas cans are some of the best that you can find in the market today. These are approved by EPA and you can rest assured that there will not be any safety issues once you use these units for your Airsoft gas rifles, pistols or sub machine guns.

This KWA Green Gas Airsoft product is well worth buying on Amazon.