Gas Airsoft Pistols Guide – What is the Best Gas Airsoft Pistol?

Airsoft pistols are produced in 3 different types – spring powered, electric powered and gas powered. Gas powered pistols from Airsoft make use of various kinds of compressed gas for firing BBs and pellets. These are generally viewed as intermediate guns and can be extremely useful for the purpose of target shooting in the outdoor environment. These also generally shoot BBS at higher velocities as compared to semi-automatic, spring powered airsoft pistols. Some pistols are also full-automatic units and it is essential for shooters to check the particular pistol model that they use in order to find out which firing mode it uses. These pistols mainly make use of propane, also known as “green gas”, as a propellant. However, these may also make use of HFC134a refrigerant, nitrogen or CO2. Read on to know about some of the best gas airsoft pistols available to buy on Amazon today.

You will need to buy green gas for your airsoft gun aswell, so make sure you read our review on the best gas for your airsoft gun.

Gas Airsoft Pistols

WG Model-4321 Tactical Combat 191 1911 Gas CO2 Non-blowback Black 500 fps colt Airsoft Pistol BB gun firearm weapon replica soft air PrimaU CNB-4601

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This non blowback pistol is black & silver in color and has a capacity of 16 rounds in its magazine. It is able to shoot BBs at a velocity of 480 – 500 fps. It is a close replica of the famous soft air PrimaU CNB-4601 model.

This is one of the best gas airsoft pistols we have reviewed.

Soft Air Taurus PT 92 Gas Blowback Pistol (Black)

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The pistol is constructed of polymer and is a very robust heavy weapon. It comes with a Spin-Up System – the accuracy of which can be adjusted easily. It can shoot 0.20 g BBs at a velocity of 290 – 320 fps. It can fire BBs in a semi automatic mode. It boasts of full blowback recoil technology. The gun is equipped with a functional safety mode.

The Taurus is one of the better gas airsoft pistols.

Unlimited Wares Model-4601BS Full Metal Non-Blowback Gas CO2 Airsoft Pistol FPS-500

The pistol comes in black and silver colors and has a 1:1 full size scale. It has a gas shooting mode and can shoot BBs at a velocity of 500 fps. It is constructed fully of metal and there is working slide safety. It has a length of 11 inches and weighs 1.7 lbs. There is an adjustable rear sight and hop up. There are anti slip grips to prevent slippage at the time of firing.

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TSD Tactical Semi-Auto M9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

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This semi-automatic pistol is fitted with a gas magazine which can hold as many as 26 rounds. It has a plastic construction and boasts of a blowback function. It can fire 0.20 g BBs at 280 fps velocity.

Our editor loved this gas airsoft pistol from TSD.