Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Review – How Good Is The Crosman 760 Pellet Rifle?

Crosman is a reputed manufacturer of rifles for around 50 years and its latest models have a solid, traditional construction and come with air rifle technology, so we thought we’d complete a Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Review. The Crosman 760 Pump Master Variable Pump BB Repeater/Single Shot Pellet Rifle, which was released about a year back, has been designed to be used mainly for target practice sessions. Based on the type and weight of pellets used, it can be used effectively as a device for small game hunting or pest control. However, this is not a hunting rifle as standard BBs do not offer the velocity and range of hunting requirements.  Make sure you read our Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Review before making a purchase.

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Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Review

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Check out our Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Review.


The Crosman 760 Pump Master Variable Pump BB Repeater/Single Shot Pellet Rifle has a smooth barrel which measures 33 ½ inches in length. It is less than 3 pounds, and can be categorized as lightweight. Naturally, it is ideal for recreational and outdoor use for target practice or hunting sessions. Other than being light in weight, the gun can be used very easily. Beginners can master its use quite fast. The rifle needs manual pumping for 3-10 times each shot. The maximum velocity of the air rifle tends to differ on the basis of the number of manual pumps. The more pumps you do, the more powerful the shot is.


The Crosman 760 Pump Master Variable Pump BB Repeater/Single Shot Pellet Rifle makes use of composite pellets or standard .177 caliber steel BBs. It consists of a reservoir which can hold up to 200 ammunition rounds. You can preload its internal magazine with 18 pellets or BBs. On an average, it can fire projectiles at a velocity of 625 fps. There is also an optional clip which can hold up to 5 more clips and fire them at a velocity of 600 fps.


The rifle is famous for its high compression and short stroke pump action which offers shooters the ability to fire projectiles in a fast and easy manner. This is a reliable rifle which has sold more than 12 million units. The rifle doubles as a single shot pellet gun and also as a BB repeater. It is able to shoot lead pellets at a velocity of 615 fps and alloy pellets at a 645 fps velocity. The rifle has a fixed blade front sight, along with adjustable rear sight. It is a well-built air rifle which is perfect for target shooting purposes.