Best Pellet Rifle

Looking for the best pellet rifle? A Pellet Rifle is actually a type of air rifle that can shoot pellets as projectiles with the help of gas or compressed air, unlike firearms which make use of a propellant for shooting bullets. These have been designed to fire metal pellets at fast velocities. These are not used as survival options or for serious game hunting. Many states, such as California, do not even recognize these as firearms. These are mainly intended for hunting small games like birds and pests – although there are more expensive air rifles that are high powered and can shoot pellets over great distances and with more force. Read and know about the best pellet rifle ranges in the market today in our view.

The pellet rifle’s popularity has increased markedly in the past few years. This can be attributed to the presence of pursuits such as target hunting and small game shooting. But finding the best pellet rifle is easier said than done. This is because there are so many pellet rifles available for sale each claiming to be the best on the market! The pellet is a small projectile designed to work in air guns. When compared against conventional bullets, the pellets look and function differently. In fact, the pressure exerted on pellets by air guns is very little. Pellets are customized to suit different types of air guns. For instance, there are special pellets for .177 caliber, .20 caliber and .22 caliber guns. Based on the purpose, the best pellet rifle must be chosen carefully.

Check out our reviews for the best air rifle pellets aswell in our opinion.

Best Pellet Rifle

Here are our recommendations for the best pellet rifle for you to purchase.

Crosman Optimus .177 Calibre 1200FPS Break Barrel Pellet Air Rifle

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This pellet rifle comes with a 2-stage adjustable trigger made of beautiful ambidextrous wood stock. It has an adjustable rear sight and a fiber optic front sight. It includes a 4 x32 mm precision scope. It boasts of an elegant and powerful break barrel and with a comparatively light coking force, the rifle has been designed to help you get the greatest pleasure out of shooting.

Optimus from Crosman will let you shoot targets at an amazing velocity of 1200 feet per second. According to experienced shooters, you will love the rifle as much on your 1000th shot as you did on your first! The splendid build and light weight construction make it a delight to hold. The Crosman Optimus is designed to track down targets that are within 60 yards. However, you can shoot beyond 60-yards, if your pair Optimus with a good scope. If the Crosman Optimus is your first pellet rifle, this is the perfect entry level pellet rifle.

This is the best pellet rifle that we have reviewed.


Crosman 760 Pump Master BB Repeater/Single Shot Pellet Rifle

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The air rifle can work as a single shot pellet gun and also double as a BB repeater. It is perfect for target shooting and comes with a fixed blade front sight, along with an adjustable rear sight. This makes it easier to lock on targets and shoot them with a lot of ease. This is a heavy duty and reliable rifle. It can shoot lead pellets at 615 FPS and alloy pellets at up to 645 FPS. It is perfect for the purpose of target practice and for hunting small birds and other pests. This is a long lasting rifle which is easier to maintain for a long time and with some care you can even hand down to future generations for their shooting pleasure.

The Crosman 760 is worth every penny you spend in our opinion. The gun is extremely durable and strong. Experienced shooters consider the Crosman 760 as an ideal tool for novice hunters. This is because you can target objects with an utmost level of accuracy and precision with little effort. Similarly, the model is remarkably powerful. You can kill squirrels and rabbits quite easily through this gear. On the whole, the Crosman 760 is much better than pistols or rifles that work with CO2 Cartridges.

This is one of the best pellet rifles in terms of price.

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle with 4×32 Riflescope and PBA Platinum Pellets

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This 0.177 caliber single shot air rifle has a 32 mm objective rifle scope and boasts of a 4x magnification objective riflescope. It can shoot at velocities of up to 1250 feet per second (FPS) with PBA Platinum. The rifle has non-slip checkering on the forearm and grip and it has a single cocking system. The precision rifled steel (fluted) barrel has synthetic stock with polymer. The unit comes with a limited warranty of 1 year. For utmost weather protection, the rifled steel barrel has high-tech polymer over molded precision steel. This is a reliable and heavy duty rifle which can produce 1000 fps with lead and 1200 fps with PBA. It is ideal for target practice and also for controlling small and large pests. The synthetic stock is long lasting and light in weight. The 32 mm objective rifle scope can make target acquisition more precise.

Big Cat 1250 does not suffer focusing issues or accuracy problems. You can use it to track targets that are several hundred yards away. The powerful rifle fires at a velocity of 1250 feet per second. Big Cat 1250’s heavy duty power plant with PBA Platinum is one of its important features. Moving on, the model is exceptionally durable and lightweight. It is quite interesting to note that the gun, stock and scope are made of all-weather polymer. Hence, you can carry the rifle almost anywhere and at anytime! Check out other Gamo air rifles here.

This is the best pellet rifle from Gamo called the Big Cat.