Best Airsoft Mask Guide – What Air Soft Face Mask Should I Choose?

Choosing the best airsoft mask can be very difficult. Airsoft guns, although not the real thing, are not exactly toys and should always be used with adult supervision and a lot of care. Users are recommended to use ear plugs and protective eye gears while operating these guns. This is because pellets or BBs used in shooting could easily ricochet and result in damage to the body. Facial injuries are the most common so it is essential you have an airsoft mask to prevent pellets or BBs causing some serious damage to your eyes. The majority of these can be worn along with helmets. With masks comprising of full seal goggles, you can protect your eyes from any such projectiles. These are usually ASTM certified and offer the best protection to the face and are approved for use in the field or for recreation. As these cover the mouth, you will not be at risk of chipping your teeth aswell. Some of these also consist of built-in neck protectors. Read on to find out what we think the best Airsoft mask that you should purchase is.

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Best Airsoft Mask

ZANheadgear Digital ACU Neoprene Face Mask (Camouflage)

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This face mask is made of stretchy neoprene material which is water resistant and warm. It has complete coverage for the ears and the face. There is Velcro closure that ensures perfect fit with goggles. Black stretch nylon trim has been used to line the face mask.

This is the best airsoft mask we recommend at the moment.

Zan Headgear Neoprene 4mm Full Tactical Mask

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This mask is made of neoprene and offers complete coverage to the ears and the face. It has a thickness of 4 mm and it is perfect for use in tactical training where shooters require additional protection for their faces. There is a hook and loop closure which offers custom fit. It can be used with a helmet or without one.

This is one of the best airsoft masks we have reviewed.

Airsoft Full Face Mask with Neck Protection

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This full face airsoft mask has a wide head strap and eye pads which offer comfortable fit. There is a removable neck protector and also an adjustable nylon head strap which has been vented for comfort. This is a sanctioned Airsoft gear which helps to reduce the risks of eye injuries for wearers.

Airsoft Masks like this provide great protection.

1G Adjustable Strike Steel Mesh Airsoft Half Mask Face Protector – Black Skull

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This black and white skull mask has full metal mesh that offers full of protection of the face. It has been designed to be long-lasting and is able to withstand high impact. It has a completely adjustable elastic strap. It has an aggressive design and the mesh has a skull painted over it. It is light in weight which allows great mobility and comfort for users. There is a Velcro adjustable elastic strap which is able to accommodate all types of head sizes. The long-lasting steel mesh is able to resist Airsoft BBs that comes at a high velocity. Our editor loved this particular airsoft mask!

This is a really good looking airsoft mask.