Best Air Rifle Pellets

Looking for the best air rifle pellets? As you browse through virtual stores and local markets, you will come across a wide range of pellet guns and rifles. In fact, there could be a dozen models and brands with similar features which makes it very difficult for you to choose the best air rifle pellets. If you are trying to make your very first purchase, the entire process will seem dizzying and confusing. This is why you should learn more about what makes the best air rifle pellets before making your purchase. While making a final pick, you should focus on many crucial factors and features. Ranging from the pellets’ size to the gun’s velocity.

Air rifles make use of compressed air or gas to fire pellets. These are comparatively quieter than traditional firearms and have little or no recoil. Due to their short range, they are less likely to result in straying. Heavier pellets are more ideal for breezy conditions. This is an important parameter, which will affect the flight’s velocity and stability. As the pellet becomes heavier, it will have the ability to retain more energy and travel longer distances.  If you want a fast shot, hyper-velocity pellets are what you should go for. For basic shooting or shooting for casual fun, low-cost 7 grain basic pellets will be enough.

Secondly, you should consider if you require a high level of accuracy when it comes to shooting. The pellet’s shape and size will determine the required level of accuracy. Pellets that are designed strategically will give you a higher level of precision. Thirdly, you must be aware of the pellet’s ultimate purpose. Are the pellets used as a part of fun-filled shooting session or during serious competition? This is because inexpensive, lightweight 7gram pellets will be sufficient during informal practice sessions but not suitable for competitions!

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Best Air Rifle Pellets

Daisy Outdoor Products 2400 ct BB Bottle

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These come with a maximum premium precision of .177 calibers. There are 2400 of these pellets in a useful plastic bottle that are unmatched in quality and accuracy. These are completely round and plated with zinc for additional smoothness. The pellts are of superior quality and highly reliable. The handy bottle comes with a flip-top cap having both small and large punch-out openings to help you pour BBs as easily as possible. These are perfectly round and can give you a lot of accuracy, as compared to most of the lead BBs that you can find in the market which are not completely spherical.

Daisy is well known for its premium BBs and extra smooth steel balls. Unlike conventional BB brands, Daisy’s BB Bottle doesn’t rust easily. This can be attributed to the brand’s patented manufacturing process.

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Umarex Meisterkugeln pellets

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The list of air rifle pellets will remain incomplete without Umarex Meisterkugeln pellets! The brand manufactures high quality pellets, which will give you excellent control whilst shooting. This is one of the market’s most accurate and reliable pellets in our view. Each and every pellet is cut into perfect circles. This is why Umarex Meisterkugeln pellets are used to hunt rabbits and squirrels. Amazingly, the pellet penetrates (it really over-penetrates) on pest birds and bigger creatures too.

The pellets have .22 (5.5 mm) caliber and each of these pellets weights 14 grams There are 250 of the pellets in total and each of these pellets come with ballistic gel penetration to assure superior quality. The flat heads of the pellets are able to cut perfect circles on paper targets, if you have a habit of practicing on them to make your aiming more accurate. If you have been struggling with various types and brands of pellets, you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality.

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Crosman LPH .22 Calibre Hollow Point Pellets

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These are premium pellets from Crosman. The perfectly shaped pellets are forced to go through several procedures and treatments. Conversely, the heat treated pellets are water resistant and rust-free. Crosman LPH .22 pellets weigh 14.3 grams. These pellets will increase your air gun’s overall performance. Indeed, they are extremely consistent and accurate. Crosman LPH Pellets will let you stick onto the – one shot one kill tagline!

These pellets are ideal for hunting purposes and feature a hollow point. Each pellet is coated with lead and weighs 14.3 grain. There are as many as five hundred pellets in total and you can have many days of fun shooting with these pellets. Made of only 1 set of water resistant and heat treated metal tools, these pellets are indistinguishable from each other. You need to take note of all the lead warnings from the manufacturer. Depending on the velocity and the hardness of the target, these can expand on impact. However, this might only occur with high power air rifles and not those that are of low power.

These are the best air rifle pellets that we recommend after our air gun pellet review.