Best Air Rifle for Rabbits

Trying to find the best air rifle for rabbits can be hard. Rabbits pose a serious danger to agriculture and the environment and thus present a great opportunity for hunters to shoot them. To some extent, it is not so easy to hunt the rabbits with a low grade air rifle as you need an air gun with scope to shoot the rabbit with complete accuracy. The main question here is therefore what is the best air rifle for rabbits?

In order to hunt rabbit, a full power authorized .177 rifle or a .22 rifle with a 16- gr tablets at around 580fps would allow you to shoot a rabbit with ease. If you have any air gun with you of full pressure then get it tested by an expert before hunting rabbits to make sure it is suitable. We thought we’d review the best air rifle for rabbits currently for sale in our view.

Best Air Rifle for Rabbits

Gamo Hornet Air Rifle, .177 Caliber

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This Gamo Hornet air gun is available with dual cheek pads for enhanced grip and comfort while shooting. It comes with a 4×32 air riflescope to ensure you shoot the rabbit with accuracy. It provides recoil absorption with its aerated pad. It is much lighter than most other .177 caliber air rifles due to the hollow plastic stock. The barrel is made of light weight steel encapsulated in a thick plastic sleeve (rather than the standard thick solid steel barrel) which many sited as a problem. Our panel said it managed to shoot with an dimes diameter at 30 feet 9 out of 10 times which makes it quite accurate.

This is the best air rifle for rabbits by Gamo in terms of performance and accuracy.

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22) powered by Nitro Piston

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Many hunters consider this Crosman product to be the best air rifle for rabbits as it features a rifled barrel with a fluted muzzle break and a sculpted rubber recoil pad. It is equipped with center point accuracy, scope and a fast lock mounting system for rapid and trouble-free optic mounting. The wider surface area of the forearm is specifically designed to rest on the palm of your hand and help you to achieve the optimal aim. The break barrels in this air rifle offer up to 60% less noise than other spring powered air guns, making this one of the quietest .22 air rifles for sale at the moment.

Nitro Venom is a piston well known for its precision and flawless performance. The rifle is built with an easy optic and quick locking system. Every time you hold the Nitro Venom, you will sense a wave of stability. This is why ardent hunters prefer the rifle during intense games and target shoot-out sessions. On an average, Crosman Nitro Venom delivers a power of 21 FPE.

This Crosman is one of the best air rifles for shooting rabbits.

Benjamin Trail NP All Weather Break Barrel Air Rifle (.22) powered by Nitro Piston

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This rifle IS powered by Nitron piston is perfect for hunting rabbits as it is durable and suitable for all weathers. It boasts an impressive 23 ft-lbs of muzzle power, presenting 16% more downrange power than a typical .177 caliber air rifle. With a velocity of up to 950 fps, and noise muzzling technology, this is perfectly suited to shooting rabbits. When our panel reviewed the scope, we found it to be very clear and the Mill Dot for long distance shooting worked well. The Nitron piston also became quieter with use which was very suprising!

This Benjamin Trail air rifle is perfect for shooting rabbits.