Best .22 Air Rifle

Are you looking for the best .22 air rifle? One of the most common and well established air rifles in the world are the .22 caliber air rifles. .22 air rifles are the name given to air rifles that shoot pellets of .22 caliber. .22 pellets travel slower than .177 pellets and do not travel on flatter trajectories. They are larger in size than that of .177 caliber pellets and cause great damage to the target when contact is made. .22 Air Rifles compromise on some of the velocity in order to shoot pellets that are heavier. .22 air rifles are more powerful, come with a higher price tag and have more authority than .177 caliber air rifles. Useful features such as low noise, affordability and nominal recoil defines the .22 air rifle space. You can use them during pest control, firearms training and small game hunting. Secondly, rifles with a calibration of .22 are sold in huge volumes. This is because many shot guns, rifles, revolvers and pistols are manufactured to work at this caliber. In fact, .22 pellets are accepted by most of the best air rifles. If you are a newbie to the world of air rifles, you must be careful with what you pick! The best .22 air rifle is difficult to find and will undeniably define your shooting experience, so we thought we would review the best .22 air rifle you can buy.

If you are looking for a .177 air rifle, then see our article for this caliber.

What is the best .22 air rifle?

Here are the rifles we recommend

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle Powered by Nitro Piston

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This air rifle offers a lot of precision and comes equipped with a sculpted rubber recoil pad and a fluted muzzle break in its barrel. There is a CenterPoint 3-9x32mm precision scope. For easy and fast optic mounting, you can make use of the quick-lock mounting system. It has a wider surface area for the forearm to let you rest your palm over it. The rifle has a 3-9×32 mm scope and is 44.5″ in overall length. It has a weight of 7.375 lbs. It is perfect for pest control and small game hunting. It can shoot up to 800 FPS (lead) and 950 FPS (alloy). Following the initial calibration, the gun offers an approximate 200-250 shot break period. The air rifle has muzzle energy of up to 21 fpe and can offer serious hunting power. The Nitro Piston technology offers a lot of stealth, stability and power.

This is the best .22 air rifle according to our air rifle reviews.

Optimus Air Rifle (.22) with Scope

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With a fiber optic front sight and a micro-adjustable rear sight, the rifle is able to shoot .22 caliber pellets with ease and comes with a CenterPoint 4x32mm precision scope.It has a two-stage adjustable trigger and boasts of Light cocking force. Its spring-powered break barrel helps you to shoot up to 950 fps (alloy). It has an elegant and powerful break barrel and boasts of an ambidextrous hardwood stock.

This air rifle is one of the best .22 air rifles for sale on Amazon.

Benjamin Trail NP All-Weather Break Barrel Air Rifle Powered by Nitro Pistron

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The unit has the patented Nitro Pistron technology and it has a durable synthetic stock with sling mounts. It has a length of 44.5″ and weight of 8.3 lbs. It can shoot up to 800 FPS lead / 950 FPS alloy and it is perfect for the purpose of small game hunting. Its rugged break barrel has an amazing 23 ft-lbs of muzzle energy and can offer 16% more downrange energy as compared to .177 calibers. It can allow you a velocity of up to 950 FPS (alloy). There is also the unmounted CenterPoint Optics 3-9x40AO scope.

The all-weather synthetic stock will let you use the rifle at all times of the year. The model is durable and extremely accurate when shooting. The rifle is also patented by Nitro Pistron, so you know it is of the highest quality in our view. This makes this .22 air rifle one of the best you can buy in our opinion. If you are upgrading from a .177 rifle, you should definitely consider the Benjamin Trail.

This is a great .22 air rifle and gets fantastic reviews.

Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle

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The Ruger has a trigger-pull of 9.5 lbs, a 4×32 airgun scope, fiber optic sights and 2-stage adjustable trigger. It is fit for use in all types of weather conditions. It is perfect to use for pest control and target shooting.

When compared against many other air rifles, the Ruger Air Magnum Combo has a more robust structure than its competitors. The framework is especially built to protect the rifle’s scope. If you are new to the world of rifles and hunting, you should start with this gun making it the best beginner .22 air rifle according to our review team.  The gun will let you engage in light-weight dry shooting without generating pellet resistance or noise.

This is the best .22 air rifle by Ruger and gets fantastic reviews on Amazon.