Best .177 Air Rifle

Trying to find the best .177 air rifle can be very difficult. .177 caliber or 4.5 mm refers to the smallest pellet size that is used widely in air guns. It is the only caliber which is accepted traditionally for formal target tournaments. Sometimes, it is also used for field target competition and hunting small game as it competes with .22 caliber (5.5 mm) and .20 caliber (5 mm) rifles. Unlike .22 pellet, a pellet of this caliber travels on a flatter trajectory and in a faster manner. Due to this reason, it is used for target competitions as competitors do not have to makes adjustments for drops too much. .177 pellets are smaller than .22 caliber pellets and cause less impact damage while hunting. Know about some of the best .177 air rifle that you can choose from.

We have decided to review a number of air rifles in order to find what we think is the best .177 air rifle.

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Best .177 Air Rifle

Umarex 2251300 Surge Combo Single Shot Air Gun

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This rifle is ideal for target and small game practice and comes with a steel barrel with muzzlebrake. It has a durable construction for use in any type of weather. It comes from Umarex USA, the brand that is known to offer truly excellent value for money air rifles, adult air guns, air soft guns, tactical training paintball guns, air gun accessories, performance air gun ammunition, specialized air gun optics, BB and pellet pistols and more. This unit is available with a 4×32 scope and automatic safety ambidextrous thumbhole.

This is an amazing air rifle with a black, matte finish and its all-weather frame and durable nature makes the pistol a real market leader. However, remember that the rifle weighs more than conventional models. Although its solid structure increases its lifetime and durababilty, butit will last you for a long time. This is one of the best .177 air rifles to aim at targets that are 30+ yards away in our view.

This is the best .177 air rifle currently for sale on Amazon.

Crosman Optimus .177/1200 FPS Break Barrel Pellet Air Rifle

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Optimus air rifles are well known for their elegance and power. Most hunters regard this rifle as the best .177 air rifle currently for sale. The air rifle doesn’t expect users to exert a high cocking force. Additionally, its 2-stage adjustable trigger is worth every penny you spend. The air rifle will let you strike down distant targets at a rapid velocity of 1200 feet per second. Even a can that is present 50 yards away can be hit using the air rifle. Our review panel concluded that you will not be disappointed by purchasing the Crosman.

With an elegant and powerful break barrel, the rifle comes with a beautiful ambidextrous hardwood stock. It has a fiber optic front sight and an adjustable rear sight. The unit also consists of a CenterPoint 4 x32 mm precision scope.

This is the best .177 air rifle according to our review panel in terms of performance.

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle

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This light weight rifle has a heavy-duty power plant that can produce 1250 FPS (feet per second) with 1000 FPS with lead and PBA Platinum. This is a 0.177 caliber single shot air rifle with a 32-millimeter objective rifle scope and a 4x magnification. The rifle has a single cocking system and there is non-slip checkering on the forearm and grip for steady aiming. There is a polymer over-molded precision steel barrel and is available with a limited warranty of 1 year.  For extreme climate protection, there is durable synthetic stock. It is ideal for small and large pest control and is perfect for target practice. The unit boasts of a 4x magnification.

The Gamo air rifle has a high-tech polymer frame to protect it against extreme weather conditions. You will be suprised by the effectiveness of the rifle’s single cocking system and automatic safety mechanism. The gun comprises of a synthetic stock that lets hunters fire with an extra level of precision.

This is another of the best .177 air rifles by Gamo.

Benjamin Prowler Nitro Piston Air Rifle

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Last but certainly not least, the Prowler from Benjamin is a sensational .177 Caliber air rifle for small games, target shooting, vermin hunting and pest control. The enthralling design is framed to cut down noise by nearly 70%! The air rifle fires at an impressive speed of 980 feet per second. When compared against spring powered air rifles, the Prowler requires a nominal amount of cocking effort and it doesn’t recoil easily. Additionally, the rifle promises to delight hunters with its truly excellent precision and accuracy.

The rifle has a steel barrel and consists of a 2-stage adjustable trigger. It is made of synthetic stock and has a 4×32 scope. This original piston offers enough power for all your small hunting game requirements.

This Benjamin Prowler Air Rifle is one of the best .177 air rifles currently for sale.