What is the Best Airsoft Tactical Vest?

An Airsoft tactical vest is a great purchase if you intend to carry along your accessories such as hydration bladder, sidearm, communication equipment and spare magazines whilst you are shooting. These vests come with many storage pouches and pockets. These types of tactical vests are close replicas of those that are worn by military personnel the world over. These can hold Airsoft BBS, arms, equipment and much more. Some of these also come with water pouches and these are padded with materials which can safeguard you from BBs which are fired with high velocity. Make sure you read our airsoft tactical vest review which will help you buy the best product for you.

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Airsoft Tactical Vest – Which one to choose?

5.11 LBE Vest

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This airsoft tactical vest is made of stiffened mesh nylon which can provide your gear with the structure that is needed, and also high breathability and ventilation. It has hidden document pockets and the length and girth of this unit can easily be adjusted. The inside of the vest has a grab handle situated within – and it remains hidden to outsiders although it can easily be accessible for you. It also has YKK® Zipper.

This is a great airsoft tactical vest which gets good reviews.

Tactical Airsoft Vest with Pistol Holder

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This modular holster is US MOLLE compatible and can hold all essential utility items such as your pistol accessories. It can also hold a radio and comes fitted with a web belt. There are 4 rifle and 5 pistol magazine pouches. It is ventilated and completely modulated. It boasts of a utility pouch. This is a great vest which you should consider.

This tactical airsoft vest has a nice pistol holder which is very useful.

Digital Camo Airsoft Vest

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This well constructed vest consists of a lot of pouches which can hold objects like paintball containers, holsters and clips. Its size is adjustable up to XXL. It also includes a high quality utility belt. It boasts of a webbed pocket for your water rehydration bag. This heavy duty vest has been designed to last for a long time and looks just like vests that are used in the army.

This is a great tactical airsoft vest.

Firepower Deluxe Tactical Vest Black

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This black tactical vest comes with a radio pouch and a pistol holster. There are pistol and rifle magazine poches. With stabilizer and reinforced shoulder, the unit is also completely adjustable. There is a velcro patch for the name of the owner and also the team name.

Our editor loved this tactical airsoft vest which also had great reviews on Amazon.