Airsoft Scar Guide – What is the Best Airsoft Scar Gun and Rifle?

We are often asked what is the best Airsoft Scar gun currently for sale at the moment. So we have completed a review below to find out which Airsoft Scar-L gun is the best for you.

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Airsoft Scar

Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline MK16 Mod 0 Airsoft AEG Rifle

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This AEG rifle is made of high strength polymer and boasts of flip-up rear and front sights. It has a weight of 3050 g and can shoot 0.20g BBs at a velocity of 400 fps. It has a 300 round Hi-Capacity magazine and can fire in safety and semi / full-automatic modes. The package comprises of the gun as well as the magazine and the manual. It has an adjustable hopup and runs on a 9.6v Small Butterfly Type battery, which has to be purchased separately. It has a version 2 full metal gearbox. The chassis has a FN marking trademark that is laser engraved. The gun has been designed with CQB capabilities and the gun is compatible with a variety of accessories like laser units, flashlight and tactical foregrips. It has a 16 inch long monolithic top rail on top of which you can attach a wide range of scopes and sights.
The flip-up rear and front sights can be adjusted for elevation and windage. You can easily fold the rear stock for combat at close quarters. You can adjust the metal hop-up quite easily to ensure that the rounds can reach the targets very easily.

This is one of the best airsoft scar guns on the market today.

FN Herstal SCAR-L CQB AEG, Tan airsoft gun

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The gun has a 6 mm caliber and can shoot 0.20 g BBs at a velocity of 420 fps. It has been manufactured by G & G, and it is licensed by FN Herstal. This semi/fully automatic rifle has been designed to be perfect for even CQB skirmish situations. This is a compact electric airsoft gun and is light in weight, which makes it easy for you to carry around whilst running. The magazine has a high capacity and can hold as many as 450 rounds. There is a side foldable buttstock in the gun. There is a foregrip bipod which allows you to keep your rifle steady at the time of shooting in order to ensure optimal accuracy. Due to the efficient rail interface system, you can easily mount an accessory that you like. The gun has a metal gearbox, collapsible buttstock and Picatinny rail system. The adjustable hop-up unit of the gun helps you to adjust its trajectory at the time of taking long distance shots. Although the charger and battery have to be bought separately.

Our editor thinks this is the best airsoft scar-l gun currently for sale.

Why should you buy an Airsoft Scar-L Gun?

Airsoft is a pursuit which makes use of replica firearms known as airsoft guns. Airsoft scar guns offer you an excellent advantage while you are indulging in airsoft activities. These types of guns have a longer barrel and look more authentic in appearance. For CQB skirmish situations, these semi / full automatic guns enable excellent performance. You will find these easy to carry as they are compact and light in weight.