Aimpoint Pro Review – Is the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic Good?

The Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic has been designed with inputs from a team of former and current professionals, so we thought we’d complete an Aimpoint Pro Review. It consists of a number of interesting features which have never been seen before. These features help optimize the performance of this riflescope within the challenging circumstances that are faced in the present law enforcement scenario. We would recommend you read our Aimpoint Pro review so you know of all the features this rifle scope possesses before investing in this product.

Aimpoint Pro Review

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The Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic comprises of a crystal clear 1x image which can help you to acquire targets quickly in close quarter environments. The optic sight boasts of band-pass lens coating and is compatible with all generations of night vision devices. Its modular QRP2 mount can attach to the standard picatinny rails in a secure manner. It can offer perfect height for co-viewing with iron sights to be found of weapons of carbine style. The unit also consists of a torque limiting knob which can eliminate problems of over tightening completely. There is also a standard objective flip-up lens cap and a see through ocular lens cap, both of which are recessed to avoid damage on impact. There are other interesting features like 6 daylight settings, 4 night vision settings, a rugged 30 mm tube, adjust cap retainers and battery. The modular QRP2 mount comes with a removable spacer which can index the optic sight located at a height for co-viewing with general iron sights. You can remove this spacer to use it on sub-machine guns or on police shotguns.


With the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic you do not have to worry about turning the battery of the sight on or off. The sight has a 3-year long battery life which lets you turn on the unit out of the box and keep it on so that you can have the sight always ready for you. This sight comes with a personal use warranty of 10 years. For the purpose of accurate target engagement in all distances, there is the 2 minute of angle red dot. The sight is housed in an aluminum body that is hard-anodized which can safeguard the electronics and glass under hard use. Its front lens arrives with a special band-pass coating which allows it to be used along with night-vision devices. It can be effective and very useful after sunset. The battery change date and service date reminders make the maintenance and inventory tracking easier.


This red-dot scope has been especially designed for tactical shooters, cops and competitors who need an accurate and tough optic to place on top of their rifles. As a shooter, after determining the placement of your mount you only need to turn the knob 3 times and lock the optic sight to your rifle. This unit is exactly what it promises to be. It is a fast-action optic which is always ready to serve you in the midst of all action.